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Why We Do

What We Do...

A diagnosis of cancer can be a painful, lonely experience.  When faced with overwhelming adversity and challenges, we often find that the smallest gestures make the biggest impact on our lives. That is why we at Satchels of Caring do what we do.  And all of this outreach is made possible by the generosity of our volunteers, our community and those who give from the smallest donation to the largest. Every dollar goes to supporting those with cancer.

Appreciation from Recipients, Volunteers and Distributors

Letter from a Recipient: "Thank you for your generosity and work in making and distributing the satchels for those of us who are breast cancer survivors.  Receiving the unique handmade tote made me feel special.  It was a really early Christmas gift.  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness."
Letter from a Distributor:  "Thank you so much for sending the bags.  As always, they were and are beautiful.  You have some very talented people working for you.  We also received the exercise CD and we have them in the bags.  We very much appreciate our relationship with you and your dedication to breast cancer patients.  Thank you so much!"
Letter from a Recipient: "I recently had the opportunity to attend a Look Good, Feel Better program in Monroeville.  I just want to express my sincere thanks to your organization for providing the satchels.  There were many nice items included.  The bag is lovely.  I will think of your kindness each time I use it.  Please pray for my recovery.  Again, thank you."  
Letter to a Helping Hands Teacher: “A minor missive in praise of your students and your leadership that continues to inspire awe as well as gratitude.  A hand sewn bag filled with beads, best wishes, inspirational cards, a CD with harps and angels that I play daily, literature, hats, a scarf and overflowing with love and more.  This note is a year in coming.  I received your magical gift in 2006. Chemotherapy with all of its controlled poison leaves one’s brain filled with confusion.  Unable to concentrate, I delayed writing this.  You have touched the heart of someone you don’t know; your youth and good will prompted courage and hope on many dark days where much was uncertain.  Your kindness comforted me and I am sure many others.  My care at AGH was excellent and my health restored.  You were a part of my healing.  For this I applaud and thank you.  God Bless you each and all.”  - Paula
Letter from a Relative:  “My mom and I want to thank you for the lovely bag of goodies you dropped off for her the other night.  She acted like a small child on Christmas morning and was so pleased with all of the products and helpful literature included in the bag.  Since her hair is almost gone, the turban and scarf will really come in handy.” - Mary Ann.
Letter from a Relative: “Thank you for sending a Satchel of Caring to my cousin, Diane.  She received it shortly after a chemo treatment when she was feeling particularly low, and she said each item she pulled out made her feel better. You really brightened her day.” - Roberta R.
Letter from a Recipient: “I want to thank you and the CREW membership for the lovely Satchel of Caring.  I will use my journal and literature often and think of others who have survived this disease.” - Nancy
Letter from a Recipient:  “I wanted to thank the CREW Program for the bag with turban, scarf, information, etc. I attended the Look Good, Feel Better program at Magee Hospital last week and was delighted with the program and it was made extra special with your bag. Please share with your members that it is a worthwhile project and much appreciated by someone undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.”
Letter from a Teacher: “ I'd like to keep the satchels and turbans as permanent class projects if possible… The students who take the class are both Fashion Merchandising and Family and Consumer Science Education Majors at Indiana University of Pennsylvania… I was at a conference last week where someone was reporting on their students gathering and sending flip-flop shoes to a 3rd world country and labeled it as such. Personally, what we did last semester was much more so since my students actually created the projects that were donated… Several of the students will soon be Family and Consumer Science Educators in the local schools and they could definitely implement the project in their classes.” - Janet B.
Letter from a Nurse: "Our patients love the Satchels of Caring that the New You Program has provided. At a time when things look bleak in their lives, it is so nice to receive a lovely tote with wonderful girly things in it. It is a perfect way for our patients to carry around the patient education binders that we provide for them. Patients seem to really enjoy this unique gesture of kindness." - Teresa